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Our People

Our people promises

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller 


Our ‘People promises’ really help us define who and how we operate as a business, setting the tone for our organization, and driving our ethos with partners and colleagues.

Being proud; saying thank you; being supportive; listening; doing the right thing as well as explaining why we do things are all at the heart of our CC33 team ethos.


We have an expert team of over 350 based at our flagship site in Sheffield, as well as a home ‘hub’ solution and our newest South Africa offering in Cape Town. We work in a way that helps our team thrive – by investing time into supporting and encouraging them to develop to their highest potential. 


But don't just take our word for it, here's what  some of our CC33 colleagues have to say!


…I genuinely love working for the first time in years and that’s down to all the people in the team alongside the management and the job itself…”

CC33 Sales Advisor


I thoroughly enjoy working here and the improvement has been colossal. Thank you for providing this environment for me…

CC33 Customer Service Advisor



It is simple for us, we want to be the Employer of choice in Sheffield.

We work hard to ensure our rewards, benefits and culture create a place where our team want to come and work, and are able to thrive. This means our colleagues and partners can both be happy!

Market leading reward benefits

Whether we're helping our colleagues with everyday costs through our free breakfast club, or helping them keep check on their physical wellbeing with free local gym membership, it's important  we offer a well rounded benefits selection for everyone to take advantage of. 

cc33Free Sky TV & Mobile Sim Card to help our team with those everyday expenses.
cc33Free Gym & Leisure Pass to support our team's physical and mental wellbeing.
cc33Free Breakfast Club to ensure we are helping our team wherever we can.
cc33Increase in basic salaries and holiday allowance on every CC33 birthday for our Advisors - up to 3 years tenure.
CC33 High Street We wanted to make our flag ship centre in Sheffield even more special, so we created the CC33 High St. team

Our High Street and '505 lounge' offer a number of additional benefits on site, such as:

Café 33

505 lounge

CC33 High Street

Zen room


Wellbeing hub


We’re also committed to encouraging our team to thrive in their interests outside work. Whatever their out-of-work passion, we want to support it, so we invest in their passions to really make a difference to their lives – we call it...


‘be yourself for a living’.

"Without our team's loyalty, attitude and performance, we'd be nowhere. That's why taking care of each other is so important. We’re constantly looking for better ways to do just that.

One recent example is our newly appointed mindfulness coach, Emma, who now provides regular mindfulness sessions to the whole business....with fantastic results. We are taking valuable moments to pause, and return to our afternoon activity, feeling uplifted and motivated.

We continue to strive towards becoming the employer of choice in Sheffield."

Mark Lazenby, Operations Director

70% of our Managers have been promoted internally!
of our Managers have been promoted internally!

We like to focus on encouraging the strengths of each individual team member, and believe this can be achieved through having a smaller team of advisors assigned to each Team Leader. Having smaller teams enable better quality 1-2-1 coaching sessions; thus encouraging both closer working relationships and advisor development and performance. All really helping their progression within the business.

At CC33, we’re firm believers in rewarding our CC33 family.


Every month, we offer fantastic rewards and incentives for our team, including our legendary monthly and quarterly awards for the team's best - in attitude and performance! This ensures strong and compliant partner performance is always rewarded well!



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