Our People

At CC33, ‘be yourself for a living’ is the ethos we live by.

We work in a way that helps our staff thrive – by investing time into supporting and encouraging our team members develop their skills to the highest potential. We have over 550 members of staff, and we keep on growing every day.

There are plenty of perks to working at CC33 – our agents receive a competitive salary, full training and a range of benefits including free breakfast, tea and coffee, company incentives and team competitions. We also hold charity days for our teams to get involved in.

We’re also enthusiastic about in-house progression – internal staff have the first priority to progress in their careers through the company. We like to focus on encouraging the strengths of each individual staff member, and we believe that this is achieved through having a smaller team of agents assigned to each Team Leader. Having a closer level of 1-1 attention with a manager both encourages closer communication and aids the agent’s development and performance, should they want to progress further within the company.

At CC33, we’re firm believers in rewarding our staff and will never overlook hard work. Every month, we offer fantastic incentives to our highest-achieving employees. We’re also committed to encouraging staff to thrive in their interests outside work, as well as in the workplace. Whatever your out-of-work passion, we want to support it.

We believe that when you’re happy outside of work, you’re happy inside of work.


CC33 focuses on our own value concept called ‘DRIVE’

CC33 also operates a ‘Be Yourself For A Living’ concept, where as part of our retention strategy we reward high level performers with investment in their hobbies.

Every month, CC33 rewards the biggest ‘non-robots’ in the team with the things they love, the things that make them happy, the things that make them. If you love music, you could be given a chunk of cash to buy some brand new recording gear. Whatever your out-of-work passion, we want to support it. You see, when you’re happy outside work, you’re happier inside work, and guess what… we want you to be happy inside work; it’s better for you, better for our clients, better for us… everyone wins here.

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