Better Performance, Taught

CC33 provides specialist contact centre consulting in the UK and abroad. Advising businesses on the technology, training, data and quality processes required to launch a successful contact centre or improve an underperforming one, our specialist consulting team is among the most highly regarded in the UK.

Lead by Managing Director Paul Fletcher, who transformed a South African contact centre from 30 to 800 heads, our consulting division helps companies improve the sales, customer retention, customer care and the overall customer lifetime value of their contact centres.

With your commercial objectives at the heart of our work, we can help you:

  • Define a robust contact centre strategy that is sustainable
  • Implement new operating systems
  • Build an efficient recruitment plan
  • Establish a fully-compliant training programme
  • Maintain the highest quality control and assurance safeguards
  • Streamline inefficient technologies, processes & management
  • Scout and implement appropriate technologies

Additional to helping companies launch new contact centres from the ground up, we support existing operations, too – giving clients ongoing health checks, performance analysis and strategic recommendations. To build an efficient, compliant and profitable contact centre, call CC33 ‘s consulting team, our 75-years of combined senior management experience puts you in expert hands.