CC33 Data

Use real-time business intelligence on every business in the UK to drive your sales and marketing efforts

We can help you target the right customers by providing accurate and timely data, which allows you to effectively market to them. Our software helps over 9,000 users improve their sales and marketing ROI.

By using the most up-to-date business information available, combined with a detailed view of a financial health of a company, you will be perfectly placed to focus your sales and marketing efforts where they matter.

Finding New Customers is Difficult

For sales and marketing teams, one of the first and largest challenges is deciding who to target. There are over five million businesses in the UK, and dozens of data points on each business, changing daily.

Keeping track of data is a monumental challenge. At CC33 Data we focus on aggregating the most up-to-date business information and presenting it in a way which is most useful for you.

Identify new sales prospects through
our detailed and constantly updated database.

Deploy CRM integration with leading
CRM systems through our unique API.

Sell more effectively by understanding
your sales prospects in detail.

Create targeted marketing lists by using the data to be very specific in your list building.

Keep your data fresh by using our API to update your CRM system in real time.

CC33 Data in Numbers

The freshest B2B Database in the UK
  • 60,000 data changes daily
  • 1,800,000 data updates monthly
  • 21,000,000 data updates annually
  • 10+ marketing leading data sources are aggregated and added to our database
  • 1000’s of different daily email alerts
We provide comprehensive analysis
  • 142 indicators of financial health
  • 50,000+ new businesses added every month
  • 1.8 million+ business updates every month
  • 6.5 million+ detailed business profiles
Detailed business data
  • 40+ advanced search filters
  • Sector
  • Location
  • Financial health rating
  • Incorporation date
  • Debenture Holder and Debenture Type
  • Turnover, asset levels, and number of employees
  • Growth/distress levels
  • Director data
  • All changes recorded in real time
Contact information at your fingertips
  • 2.6 million+ telephone records, the UK’s largest with TPS/CTPS weekly screening
  • 900,000 business emails
  • 2.2 million email records through our bolt-on Senior Decision Maker File

Financial Health Ratings Explained

CC33 Data analyses financial data in real time, offering clients a distinct competitive advantage.

Our financial health ratings consider 142 indicators and provide the most comprehensive view in the UK. Our proprietary algorithm builds a health rating which gives a detailed and specific view of the current financial health of a business.

Businesses are assigned a rating:


Companies will be healthy, have traded for a number of years and are experiencing year on year growth.

They will have financially sound accounts, a good payment history, and few or no legal notices.


A stable and healthy company, with sound accounts, a good payment history, and few if any legal notices as well as experiencing year on year growth.


May not have published accounts or are a newly formed company, but have a degree of growth.

If accounts are available, they would indicate that this business is an average risk with a standard payment history and possible legal notices.


Newly incorporated businesses or businesses that have passed the lower threshold of the credit score, algorithms and are either very new or display some financial, payment or filing characteristics that make them an elevated risk.

Businesses which are experiencing some degree of distress are assigned one, two or three CC33 Data Alerts.

1. 33% of companies with one CC33 Data Alert will cease to trade over a 3-year period

2. 50% of companies with two CC33 Data Alerts will cease to trade in the next 12 months

3. 56% of companies with three CC33 Data Alerts will cease to trade in the next 7 days

Eight Ways We Will Drive Your Sales and Marketing ROI

Finding sales prospects is easy. You can start by doing a detailed search to find a list of
your dream clients, and then learn about their business before planning your pitch.

You can search by dozens of fields, zeroing in on those companies you want to target.

Size, location, turnover and sector make a good start, but then drill down into their
financial health, find out who controls/runs the company, its structure and any affiliated

By having detailed information on your prospects you can add more depth and context to your sales presentations.

Whether it is understanding the scale of the business and any issues it may be having, or structuring your presentation, this information can help you
gain an edge.

Maintaining a detailed view of the data and financial situation of your current clients will allow you to act quickly on important changes.

A typical example will be that if they are growing, you can make sure you offer a product which supports their growth.

Many of our clients use the data to explore new market opportunities.

You can look broadly at the size of a market or more granularly at potential target businesses before allocating valuable resources to tackle those markets.

With our API you can feed our information directly into your CRM system.

This is perfect for making sure your data is kept up to date and takes away the risk of human error or relying on continually buying new lists.

As well as your data being kept fresh with our API, thousands of daily alerts are available direct to your inbox.

These can be calibrated for the recipient and can be especially powerful for sales and marketing teams looking for new prospects or new opportunities from current clients.

Stay informed about how your competitors are performing.

Understand their businesses
in more detail, contextualise your performance, and better inform your sales and marketing campaigns.