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31 October 2022

Lessons in leadership from trick-or-treaters

Isabelle Nyunt

Think Creatively

Kids love to find new ways to load their buckets with as many sweets as they possibly can. When was the last time you thought about a new way to achieve your goals? The most comfortable ways are often ones you've already used. If you don't try new strategies, think about the rules you've restricted yourself to. Much of our growth comes from being willing to look beyond the status quo.

Don't let yourself get too spooked

Leadership doesn’t go without its frights; doing things like talking in front of large groups, making first contact, and generally stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary, but are also integral parts of leadership. By facing these obstacles, your personal development sky rockets, and you can reap the benefits of the learning opportunities that occur!

Don't fear the unknown

Just because you don’t get the sweets you want, doesn’t mean you give up on trick-or-treating. It may take two, three, or more tries until you get what you desired. The best leaders set their eye on the end result, without losing focus or hope, when things don’t turn out as expected.


Whether you celebrate by dressing up, going to parties, handing out candy or taking the kids house-to-house (or even if you don’t celebrate at all), don’t let Halloween pass without learning a few new things along the way.

Take a moment to think about how this fun occasion can teach us valuable lessons in leadership.


Can you think of any leadership lessons that could be learnt from Halloween?