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14 November 2022

Advantages of omni-channel service

Isabelle Nyunt

Everyone hates waiting in line for an extended period. Ideally customers should be able to engage with a particular brand through their preferred channel, at the time they want. Global usage of smartphones has made more customers prefer the convenience of using channels such as in-app chat, email support, phone, live chat, social media, and chatbots. 

A customer’s lasting impression of your brand is often affected by the quality of service you provide; there are several reasons to embrace omnichannel to better your CX, but here are just a few.

Increases and diversifies your customer base

By using a variation of communication channels, you can engage with both potential and existing customers. Engaging with your customers through various forms of communication such as social media or live chat can help increase your customer base. 
According to a recent report, 62% of customers will recommend a brand to a friend because of great service. The flexibility and transparent reviewing ability of social media have made it one of the more popular communication channels for customers, so it’s essential to provide your customers with more options for engagement.

Better consumer retention

Effective omnichannel service can make customers’ purchasing journeys easier by clearing any problems they face while interacting with your brand, such as waiting time or accessibility issues. 
Brands that provide an omnichannel experience have shown more customer satisfaction and retention than those who don't. The more you are in contact with customers, the more you can convince them to make purchases.

Supports your team’s bandwidth.

Self-service is one of the key aspects of omnichannel approach, as well as data centralization and knowledge base functionality. In a 2020 survey, it was found that 91% of customers said they would use a knowledge base rather than phone calls to solve their issues if it is customized to their needs.
With the huge amount of customer data collected and integrated across different channels, you can upgrade your strategy to serve your customers’ self-service needs, and gives your agents' more time to tackle other complex customer issues, that can't be addressed with self-service.


From expanding potential touchpoints with buyers to reinforcing customer trust by increasing brand accountability, it’s easy to see how omnichannel service benefits both your customers, and you.

Last year, A Gladly 2021 Customer Expectations report showed that 63% of customers fall in love with brands because of great service. It was also found that 45% of customers said they would never shop with a brand again after 2 bad service experiences. 


Here at CC33 our specialty is providing customer service of the highest quality, using omnichannel communication. Why not let us optimise your customer experience?