About Us

Strategic. Tactical. Flexible. Customer Centric Solutions to suit your needs.

CC33 was founded by Paul Fletcher in 2012.  Well known in the contact Centre industry with over 20 years’ experience, Paul worked his way up from Advisor, through the Management ladder to founding and running CC33. His experience has seen him work in very senior roles in Outsourced Organisations both on and offshore as well as doing Consultancy work on behalf of many clients. 

When he set up CC33 he put his people as the centre of it. Then, combining his people centric focus with a Technology enabled approach meant that CC33 carved out a unique position in the Outsourcing industry.

The other vital part of the success of CC33 is our Partners. We can cater for all types of Clients, both large and small, with their growth or Service challenges. We help our Partners on a strategic, tactical or flexible basis, dependent on their needs. 

As a result of our approach, we already work with more than 30 clients (and growing) with a team of 400 (and growing)!

Unique to CC33, we have a dedicated arm of the business we call ‘Boutique’ – this helps our Partners in a tactical and flexible way. We focus on providing innovative and agile solutions for start-ups, smaller businesses or more established Businesses looking to ‘test and learn’ a concept. We do it all with a tailored approach to their outsourcing needs.

We also cater for our Partners’ strategic needsby delivering long term solutions with the right solutions  – across small or large campaigns.

Simply put… no project is too small or too big for CC33!

Delivery of your project or campaign

We tailor our services in a way that is both beneficial to our team and our clients. We have a smaller team of advisors assigned to each Team Leader, so this specific 1-1 attention helps the advisors’ development and performance and helps to ensure that costs are significantly lowered for our partners.

We believe quality standards should be a core expectation too, operational excellence should be a daily norm and outstanding customer experience should be routine. We also believe a huge part of our success has been due to meeting the highest industry expectations.

We find that this culture of close, attentive communication is mirrored in the relationship with our clients – we can be more responsive to needs that way.

For our clients, we’re committed to giving you more. This includes:

  • More process innovation
  • More operational transparency
  • More day-to-day communication
  • More ongoing care for our skilled people

If you’re interested in working with us, get in touch!